A ten meter tall Polidome, P300 m2 geodesic event dome was the perfect solution to house a giant photogrammetric dome photo chamber for this highly original Fame MMA, photo shoot event.

The dome was the perfect dimensions needed to enclose this technical behemoth. The large, portable P300 was fully equipped with anti-slip wood flooring, air conditioning, double aluminum doors and entrance ramps to keep attendees safe and comfortable.

The mysterious purpose of the huge, dome-like, photogrammetric chamber was to take 360° 3D scanning of Fame MMA fighters. The fighters had to climb a stairs to a raised secondary inner dome which was created by more than twenty arched rows of high power synchronized cameras and lighting.

This 360° 3D scanning photoshoot of MMA superstars enables the technicians to create exceptionally lifelike digital renditions of the fighters entire bodies. Avatars of the fighters can be used in games or come to life in the metaverse.

3D Scanning in Geodesic Dome for Fame MMA fighters

This unusual photo event is one small example of the virtually unlimited uses of our portable geodesic dome tents that can easily be moved from location to location. Visit some of our other Projects pages to find out more.