100th Anniversary of the Silesian Uprising
25 Day Multimedia Exhibition in a 360° Projection Dome

Location: Park Śląski (one of Europe’s largest park complexes), Chorzów, Poland.
Dates: July 03-28, 2021
Project goal: Host a 4 week multi-program, Multimedia Event – Celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Silesian Uprising

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Goal of the Silesian Uprising Event: In Upper Silesia the tumultuous events of 100 years ago still play a major role in public consciousness. The event organizers wanted to make the remembrance as meaningful and striking as possible for all attendees.

Equipment: A Polidomes 360° projection dome with a full 280 m2 floor space was all that was needed to host the different event programs.

Multi-purposes: The projection dome’s hardwood floor and large open dome space allowed the spherical structure to easily be set up to provide:

  • 360° projection dome with surround sound system, powerful 4k projectors for crystal clear projections by trained professional crew
  • Custom content – custom projection mapping content was used to bring historical facts and story of the Silesian Uprising to vivid life
  • Dance Floor with DJ – by quickly setting up a stage for a DJ the dome was quickly transformed into a club with dance floor
  • Concert Hall – by setting up chairs, the dome was turned into a concert hall for a live orchestra performance with superb acoustics
  • Movie Theater – A flat movie screen turned the dome into a traditional theater where historical and children’s films were shown
  • Meeting Hall – the dome was also used as a hall to host political oriented meetings as well as a space for gatherings
  • Workshops – the dome provided plenty of space for workshops for kids and youth such as a theater workshop by professionals

Reaction: Silesia’s 6 term Marshal (Governor), Jakub Chełstowski, commented, “These Multimedia Presentations draw, captivate and take you to the past, which is presented in an interesting, modern way that attracts and inspires. It allows you to go back a hundred years and see Silesia from a totally different perspective.”

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