For the first time, Polidomes had the pleasure of participating in this type of event. Three ‘Polidome 30’ geodesic domes with transparent fronts were built for the occasion, fitting perfectly into the atmosphere of the festival.

The ‘New Avenue of Art’ was organized by the Laznia Nowa Theatre beside the Kraków Nowa Huta Reservoir. It is the only event of its kind, lasting almost 90 days! From June 5 to August 28, without interruption, each day was assigned to a different form of cultural contact.

The aim of this project was to familiarise both Poles and tourists with different art forms – from open-air performances in the theater to workshops and non-artistic events. At this festival, you could certainly find something for everyone!

The event tents served as additional covered space and were crowded with many participants.
The exceptional versatility of Polidomes’ dome tents is nothing new, and was confirmed by this event as well. Inside our geodesic domes, you can relax, eat, or take part in workshops and games.

Every Saturday during the festival, outdoor theatrical performances were staged for the whole family. Sundays were for sports fans and film. Film music performances were held, along with yoga classes. Mondays were dedicated to children. They have the chance to take part in arts workshops to develop all their artistic skills. On Tuesdays, adults could find something for themselves in the classroom with various workshops, and on Wednesdays people of all ages had the opportunity to learn to cook. Thursdays were devoted to interesting personalities from Nowa Huta, who gave lectures and chatted with the public. Fridays were for anyone who likes to have fun at any age! As such, there were so-called ‘Intergenerational dances.”

We are very pleased that more and more festival organisers are deciding to purchase our spherical dome tents. This is irrefutable proof that our products can handle the demands of large scale vents, in terms of both safety and modern design.

We pay great attention to detail, constantly improving our event solutions. In short, we constantly develop ourselves for our clients.

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