The Scottish Outdoor & Leisure Awards are prizes awarded to the best companies in the tourism and recreation industry and recreation in Scotland, with the award ceremony first held in 2016.

The five companies and tourism facilities which earned the most points in an online vote were nominated to the competition. Voting ended on September 30th, and a few hours later the finalists were announced. Each finalist got a chance to fight for the statuette at the Final Gala in the Hotel Marriott in Glasgow. 126 finalists competing in as many as 17 separate categories took part in the Gala!

The winner in each category was chosen by a jury consisting of specialists from the tourism industry. In one category, “The Best Glamping in Scotland” the final five included the holiday cottages at Loch Tay Lodges, which we had the opportunity to co-create together with Rupert Barret, the founder and owner of Loch Tay Lodges.

For the first time in its history, Polidomes had the opportunity to produce 13 exclusive glamping cottages for him – cottages which have become a business card and attraction for all visitors from Scotland and other parts of the world. We are pleased to announce that our client, in part thanks to us, was recognized and awarded the first prize statuette in this prestigious competition. Polidomes’ glamping structures were appreciated for their functionality and modern design. It is a great honor for us, giving us the strength to continue to create.

At the Gala took place another historical event, that is, the meeting of Rupert Barrett, owner of Loch Tay, Lodges and Karolina Bertman, co-owner Polidomes International. Both have known each other from the very beginning of the glamping project in Loch Tay, but their contact was limited to phone calls and email exchanges. As a company, we value relationships with our clients and friendly relations with the recipients of our domes. We value the trust of our customers, which we value above all else.

We invite all interested parties who are considering or planning to create a unique and remarkable place to relax to get in touch with us.

Glamping-type geodesic domes offer a wide range of possibilities in terms of modifications, technological and economic solutions in order to serve as full-fledged and very attractive hotel rooms anywhere in the world. We are all the richer for having implemented the Loch Tay project in 2013, and for our close contact with Rupert Barrett.

To have a look at our offer, or if you have any questions, we invite you to visit our website.