Profi Supermarkets is currently the fastest growing retail chain in Romania. Profi operates convenience stores in the style of the Polish chain Żabka or the Asian 7-Eleven. From year to year, there are more and more stores Profi on the map of the land of Dracula. These shops are very popular, thanks to the availability of high-quality products from around the world – including Polish products!

On the occasion of the opening of the 500th store, there were special events in the city of Brasov. Over a week in December 2016, many activities were organized for people of all ages. Every day, you could take part in competitions with dozens of awards, admire the humanoid robot NOX – originally from Romania, see a movie in a 7D cinema, test the latest PlayStation game consoles and HTC virtual reality glasses. In addition, children could meet with Santa Claus and tell him just what they’d like to find under the Christmas tree. On the stage in the evening were performances and concerts of Romanian music and entertainment stars.

Thanks to the organizers, Polidomes geodesic dome tents attracted the crowds and made the whole event possible. Especially because the temperatures at the event dropped as low as -20 degrees centigrade! Most events took place in the 7 all BRAND PRINTED heated Polidomes event tents!

Despite the frost and snow, we once again rose to the challenge, and our Brand printed geodesic domes proved to be a hit!

This event used five Polidome 30 structures, in which visitors could warm up by drinking hot coffee or eat a warm meal. In addition, a Polidome 150 geodesic dome and a Polidome 300 event shelter were installed right in the center of events.

Each Branded Polidome event shell was designed by our experts, in line with the vision of the organizers – that is, with the colors and logo of the Profi chain.

Despite the prevailing frost and falling snow, Polidomes geodesic tents fulfilled their role as a shelter from the cold and a brand representative.

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