Geodesic domes at the “Lemon Park” in Wladyslawowo, Poland.

POLIDOMES had the chance to be a part of the “LEMON PARK” entertainment centre for children and adults in Władysławowo, Poland. Our tent structures served important functions in the infrastructure of the park.

The tents we used were:

The wide range of our product offer meant that each tent came fully-equipped and able to serve a different function. Thanks to our tents, the Władysłowo-based Hotel “4 Kolory” gained a fully equipped dining and entertainment space. As such, the 700 m2 Polidome 700 geodesic tent was used as a restaurant, the Polidome 300 geodesic tent as a reception area, and the 150 m2 Polidome 150 geodesic tent  as a spherical cinema (similar to that provided for the Volvo Ocean Race), and, finally, the POLIDOMES P110 geodesic tent served as a buffet room.

The timeframe for the entire complex was very short, and only POLIDOMES Geodomes were able to able to provide the hotel with the needed space and infrastructure.

Guests of “4 Kolory” and Lemon Park can now take advantage of the restaurant service, watch a movie at the spherical cinema or simply escape the bad weather. Apart from that, the Polidome 110 has been adapted and connected to the hotel reception serving as a bar/buffet room as well as transitional space connecting the hotel building and geodesic tents.

A comfortable place to rest with access to enticing leisure facilities, the ‘4 Kolory’ hotel attracts visitors from all over Poland. The rare combination of POLIDOMES geodesic structures and the seaside climate make Władysławowo the perfect holiday destination.

Additionally, POLIDOMES has collaborated with Pumpitup to expand the amusement park with water slides and other inflatable attractions. POLIDOMES geodesic tents are an innovative way to enrich the accommodation offer for hotels, guesthouses and other services.

We offer a wide range of geodesic domes, which also available for long-term rental. As an additional option, we can adjust the look of our geodesic tents as well as functionality. A handy feature of our geodesic structures is the ability to connect them together (using atomic joints), or to traditional buildings either temporarily or permanently.

If you have any questions about our tents or how they work in practice, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer each and every one of your questions.