The Agrisem geodesic tent at the 2013 fair.

A POLIDOMES P75 geodesic tent represented the French company Agrisem at the Agro Show fair in Bednary. The Agro Show in Bednary is an annual event held at an airport 30 km from Poznan. Agricultural machinery and equipment are exhibited at the fair.


POLIDOMES supplied Agrisem with a 75 m2 geodesic tent, equipped with flooring and aluminium doors, along with furniture, carpeting, and the like. Geodesic tents arouse curiosity and help build brand and product awareness. A dedicated fully-branded geodesic booth can be a showcase for any company.

For a few days, the Bednary Airport is transformed into a centre for modern agricultural techniques. The accessibility of the Agro Show facilitates the presentation and promotion of the machines on show, and is conducive to direct contact with farmers.

The fair is an opportunity to compare applied technical solutions and their impact on the quality of work of individual machines, or even to compare different technologies. The exhibition was attended by 761 companies, including nearly 100 from outside Poland. The exhibition occupied an area of more than 150 hectares.

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