The cornerstone laying ceremony at the Warmia gallery.

The main advantage of geodesic tents is their functionality. The timeless design and intriguing look of the domes not only appeal to the eye, but also offer incredible versatility. The ability to customize our tents to individual needs makes it possible for us to successfully hold any event.

The largest long term investment in Olsztyn, the Warmia Gallery, has recently had its symbolic cornerstone laid. The ceremony took place in a village of POLIDOMES geodesic tents.

Our domes were well suited to this task. The client decided to use a Polidome 30 spherical tent, a Polidome 50, and Polidome 75, which served as facilities, a relaxation area and a locker room, as well as a large Polidome 300 geodesic construction with a transparent front, serving as the main hall for the event. All tents were connected via a tunnel, with a total surface area of nearly 450 m2. Thanks to our geodesic structures, the event held at the construction site became both unique and unforgettable. The entire project was prepared with great panache.

The main investor in the project was Libra Project 2, while the ceremony was organized by the Good News Company, who managed to utilize the area inside and outside the tents to the fullest. We can say with all certainty that we created quite a spectacle, as proven by the delight of the guests visiting our domes. The geodesic tents brought together a number of celebrities, including an MMA fighter, Mamed Khalidof. The foundation act was signed, among others, by the Metropolitan of Warmia, Wojciech Ziemba, the mayor of Olsztyn, Piotr Grzymowicz, and the governor of the Varmia-Mazuria Voivodship, Mirosław Pampuch.

The Warmia Gallery will be the largest multi-functional complex in Olsztyn, a centre for trade, services, leisure and entertainment. The total area of ​​this modern, two-storey gallery will be almost 120,000 m2. It will contain 170 shops and businesses, cafes and restaurants, a bowling alley, a fitness centre, a cinema and an amphitheatre. Geodesic tents are the perfect solution for parties and other events that require temporary, unique infrastructure.

The portability and interconnectivity of geodesic domes offer unlimited possibilities.

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