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Recently, Olsztyn’s most significant investment, the Warmia Gallery, celebrated its symbolic cornerstone laying ceremony. This landmark event was hosted amidst an expansive village of POLIDOMES EVENT geodesic tents, highlighting their sheer adaptability.

The tents chosen for this pivotal event included the Polidome 30, Polidome 50, Polidome 75, and the grand Polidome 300 with a transparent front. Together, they formed a sprawling interconnected domain, spanning nearly 450 m². Nestled at the construction site, this setup turned the event into a spellbinding experience, executed with unparalleled finesse.

Behind this success were the collaborative efforts of Libra Project 2 and the Good News Company. The event was an attraction magnet, drawing celebrities such as MMA fighter Mamed Khalidof and notable figures like Metropolitan of Warmia, Wojciech Ziemba, Olsztyn’s mayor Piotr Grzymowicz, and the Varmia-Mazuria Voivodship governor, Mirosław Pampuch.

Once completed, the Warmia Gallery will redefine Olsztyn’s urban landscape. Spanning nearly 120,000 m², this two-storey edifice will house 170 retail spaces, eateries, recreational areas like bowling alleys, fitness centres, and cinemas.

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