A geodesic dome booth- the WAVIN fair stand inside a geodesic dome tent.

We had a pleasure of creating an exhibition dome tent for the “WAVIN” company, who exhibited their products at the fair of water and sewage industry fair at the Forest Park of Culture and Leisure in Myślęcinek, near Bydgoszcz, Poland. The water and sewage fair attracted 370 exhibitors, including as many as 55 from outside Poland, including those from China, Ireland, Lithuania, Italy, Greece, Switzerland and even the USA.

With such a large number of exhibitors, it is important to distinguish yourself from the crowd. This year’s “WAVIN” exhibition booth consisted of a Polidome 110 geodesic tent with a transparent tunnel entrance.

This type of tent design proves itself in uncertain weather conditions, during events lasting several days when extra space in front of the entrance protects the interior of the geodesic dome against adverse wind and rain. The unique construction easily stood out among the crowd. The design of the structure was completed by INEXPO.

The geodesic tent, with a transparent entrance, made the “WAVIN” stand unique, and much more noticeable. Thanks to this, the company’s offer managed to attract many people, and “WAVIN” became one of the most visited stands.

It’s also worth mentioning that fair exhibitors also competed for GRAND PRIX prizes – valuable trophy awards that distinguish certain products from the competition. We are pleased to say that WAVIN METALPLAST-BUK and their BioKem Biological Sewage Treatment Plant and BIOK SBR technology for domestic use were among the winners. Congratulations! The fair was visited by nearly ten thousand people. The event has a global reach, and competes with fairs such as Aqua Ukraine, Wasser Berlin, Spanish Alicante Nature and Italian Accadueo in number of exhibitors.

A good stand must be made of high-quality materials, with attention paid to the smallest of details, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. After all, even the best products require exclusive “packaging”. As a company, we are very happy that our clients recognize the quality of our structures and remain loyal to our products and services. This allows us to establish long-term business relationships based on trust and professionalism.

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