Polidomes tents served as an information centre and a VIP zone.

POLIDOMES geodesic tents were set up for the first time at Plac Litewski in Lublin and played a major role in the success of this fantastic event. This shows that we can customize our tents to meet the expectations of our clients.

A Polidome 30 geodesic amphitheater, along with a flooring system, served as an information centre for the carnival eventst, while a Polidome 50 geodesic tent served as a rest and relaxation area for the artists participating in the festival.

The premise of the Conjurors Carnaval was an exhibition of contemporary juggling and circus performances. The variety of attractions and activities awaiting the visitors went way beyond everyone’s expectations. As a result, thousands of people were drawn to Lublin’s Plac Litewski.

With so many people in attendance, our information centre experienced a real siege. However, the tent’s open structure and excellent organization meant that there were none of the movement issues so common in this type of events.

The Conjurors Carnaval is an event of great performances of theatrical and circus origin. Sometimes the performances were chilling, other times funny and magical like those by buskers (street performers). Under these conditions, all the artists could find time to rest in our Polidome 50 tent .

Lublin attracts artists and circus arts professionals from all over the world. The festival is completely free to attend and breathes a new life into the strrets with tent villages being erected all over the city. The Conjurors Carnaval is a showcase event for Lublin as it reflects the spirit, authenticity, cultural richness, and above all, the magical atmosphere the city has.

Rank of this event calls for an exclusive portable space. Polidomes geodomes and full rental, transportation and installation services were appreciated by the the organizers. Functionality and flexibility of the tents / domes made them adaptable to virtually all needs and conditions.

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