During the UEFA Euro 2012 Championship in Kiev and Donetsk, Ukraine, the innovative Sharp Company, a principal designer and producer of LCD TVs and solar panels and a notable sponsor of Euro 2012, launched the “Check Your Football Fan Knowledge” campaign.

POLIDOMES had the privilege of supplying Sharp with Polidome 30 and Polidome 50 geodesic tents, coupled with modular flooring and a white membrane emblazoned with the Sharp logo.

Within our innovative geodesic dome, guests participated in an interactive test to ascertain their fan type, from passionate hooligan to befuddled fan, with their results contrasted with participants from all over Europe. POLIDOMES’ versatile geodesic domes stand out for their adaptability, providing a unique, customizable, and ephemeral space. These compact, relocatable geodomes, requiring no heavy equipment or electricity for installation, offer waterproof and UV-resistant properties, encapsulating robust durability.

We extend our services globally, meticulously assisting customers through every stage—from conceptualization, design, and manufacturing to logistics, installation, and after-service. Upholding client contentment and brand reputation is our priority. Contact us today for geodesic dome solutions that seamlessly blend innovation with reliability!

Euro 2012 Sharp TV Stand i Geospheric Dome