Polidomes created a Projection Dome specially for the marketing campaign aimed to promote the rebranding of A1 company.

Telekom Austria was looking to use a single name in all its markets. In addition to Austria and Bulgaria, Telekom Austria is present in Croatia, Belarus, Slovenia, Macedonia and Serbia.

The company’s new logo, in which the letter A is no longer green, but red, has been presented in Austria and will be used in all the markets the company is present in.

In order to promote the new brand name the company created special high-quality video content and invested in the innovative way of video delivery – Projection Dome made by Polidomes. The special projection dome screen with 45ft in diameter not only projects the 4K video, but immerses the visitors into the created content.

Next year, all the daughter companies will be renamed as A1, and VIP will therefore also get a new name and logo.
Thomas Arnoldner, CEO of the A1 Telekom Austria Group, explained:

“A unified market presence under the A1 brand enhances our visibility as a powerful international group of companies”.

Thomas Arnoldner, CEO of the A1 Telekom Austria Group

As the leading company Telekom Austria chose the cutting-edge solution for the marketing aiming to promote the new name. 

Polidome150 event dome tent with the inside projection liner is a high functional investment due to its mobility. It provides an exclusive, sheltered space, which can be easily installed in any place and same easily be dismantled and moved to the next location.

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