During 2020 Polidomes installed a P-110 m2 geodesic dome for the Aberos Driver Academy  near Poznan, not far from the German border. The dome is equipped with premium flooring, a transparent window and a large entryway for cars and is used for multiple purposes. 

 Replacement of Dome Cover

The Aberos Driver’s Academy (https://aberos.pl) is an impressive, 16 hectare complex with buildings for offices and school classes and of course the Dome itself which overlooks the entire area. Drivers can get qualification courses for all categories of driver’s licenses, plus the area is set up for racing and with off-road trails and special areas for testing driver’s skills under very difficult conditions such as on slippery surfaces. The Academy also organizes private lessons for race car drivers and their crews, so it’s a real driver’s heaven.

A fierce storm recently tore the dome cover, so we produced a new one and came to replace the entire cover (free of charge as it was insured). 

This gave us the opportunity to interview Ms Natalia, the owner of the Academy and ask her opinion and if she has been satisfied with the dome the last years.

  • Q: What made you decide to purchase one of our Domes?
  • A: There were many reasons; one is the originality and look which attracts much attention. 
  • Q: And what are people’s reactions when they see the dome at your Academy?
  • A: (Laughs) they think a UFO has landed. They naturally want to take a look inside and every time they do they are highly impressed by the large space created by the dome.
  • Q: And other practical reasons? 
  • A: The high space and good ventilation provides plenty of fresh air. Also, the high quality of the dome itself, the quick assembly and how it was strongly mounted – it sits on an open field and we were concerned that the dome could be blown away. 
  • Q:  And how has the solution worked for you? Has it met your expectations?
  • A: It has been very good in all respects. We started using the dome in 2020. We adapted the space inside the dome. We installed lighting, a sound system and air conditioning and have been able to use the dome for multiple purposes.
  • For example we use the dome to organize various types of events related to the automotive industry inside the dome such as new car product launches, training sessions for auto salesmen, trainings for car mechanics and integration events for drivers and we even use it as a chillout zone and place we light bonfires during the summer months. 
  • Q: What was the largest event you organized inside the dome?
  • A: We held a conference for 120 people. The event was great!
  • Q: What are your plans for the dome this season of 2023?
  • A: We are in the process of signing a contract with a major producer of  motorcycles. The dome will be used as a showroom. This will be a special place for motorcycle fans, where they can come see, touch and even try out their dream machine on our tracks. 
  • Q: Would you recommend our domes for people who are thinking about investing in this kind of object for other purposes?
  • A: I definitely highly recommend this solution. It has met all of our expectations. It looks  great and Polidomes even customized the dome with a large entryway to bring cars inside. It has been useful in every respect.