At Polidomes our specialty is applying the latest advances in technology and equipment to create 360 immersive structures, spaces and experiences.

We asked our architect, engineering and design experts to study the Space 360 Spherical Projection Theater of the Lucerium National Science Museum in South Korea which opened in 2017. We then challenged them to come up with an alternative design which would produce the same or better results much more cost effectively.

Their first consideration was the size of the outer structure required to house a spherical planetarium / museum. As excavation costs are much cheaper than having to build a large structure to enclose the spherical theater they suggested that half the spherical structure be built underground.

Placing half the structure beneath ground does away for the need of a long ramp to reach the spherical theater as well as need for a steel structure to support the spherical theater framework. The glass bridge reaching across the theater would then be at ground level and easier to install.

Also, old style, perforated aluminum panels were used for the screen in Space 360. Aluminum panels used in many planetariums are highly expensive and require a dense, complicated, labor intensive structural system to support the panels. On top of that, the perforations cause ‘leakage of light. The main drawback to these old style planetarium projects are the extremely high time labor, material and design costs.

The planetarium, museum and art display markets have changed tremendously in the last few years. Specialists in this field no longer want to invest in costly permanent projects which eventually require upgrading. They want the same quality and effect installations, quickly at a fraction of the cost.

This is what makes our long lasting, modular geodesic structures ideal for a streamlined, cost-efficient version of Space 360 Theater.

We use an easy to construct modular geodesic framework produced in our own factory which makes assembly easy. The 360 screen is made of the same material as best quality professional cinema screens. The screen is seamlessly suspended by our unique negative pressure system for best quality mapping. Our screens supply better contrast / pixel size for superior quality projections.

For insulation we have developed a highly effective acoustic/temperature insulation system made of extra thick, upholstered PIR panels which cover the entire inside surface of the dome. The outside cover is fully weatherproof and for an exclusive look it can be custom branded or made any color (such as a metallic silver cover with black inside). Cover guarantee up to 7 years.

In conclusion, our modular geodesic system enables a structure of this sort to be manufactured and erected quickly at a fraction of the cost and with better results.

When designing and producing our structures we try to identify ourselves completely with the solution we propose for our customers. We care for quality as well as a budget friendly solution that fits our changing times. We give every project our best.