Spectacular geodesic structure with a high-impact dome screen developed by Polidomes. It will be used to project 360º content and interactive games called to educate the families.

BBK has launched the new project ‘BBK Family’ to offer families everything that they need for the upbringing and education of their sons and daughters, as well as being a centre of reference in the Basque Country in the field of primary prevention.

The project BBK Family is structured in three distinct parts: DOME, site web BBK Family and events.

The most visible part of the project is the DOME. An installation in the shape of igloo – the Projection Dome – that is rotating around different public spaces of Bizkaia. On the 360° screen the video is projected for the families to interact across different games. The content is designed to deliver a unique interactive experience with a theme focused on the development of the competencies educators of families.

BBK family is formed by a team of professionals who are experts in the field of psychology, pedagogy, and education. The project also gives an opportunity to take courses online through the platform BBK Family Learning and offers personalized advice, so that you can consult your doubts and concerns to the team of professionals.

The BBK Family project, in which 360º audiovisual content will be screened to schoolchildren and adults, has planned several locations.
Installed geodesic structure with a high-impact dome screen developed by Polidomes will be used for the full-dome projections and interactive games. The structure has a diameter of 12 meters with an immersive high-definition dome screen and a perimeter of more than 12,000 pixels.

The entrance tunnel is intended to prevent the penetration of the light inside the projection tent. Moreover, the geodesic tent is also equipped with premium flooring. Except for the comfort of the visitors, it also ensures the possibility to install the dome on every ground, even the uneven one.

Immersive projection experience for the families is held in the afternoon hours and on weekends. Although the dome offers sessions at the evening hours on weekdays for schools. The project offers free tickets that are handled through the web and that can be obtained directly in the DOME. 

Besides, the projection dome is hosting different kinds of conferences focused on the family. One of them was dedicated to the International Day of children’s rights in the Family held by BBK on the theme “in a safe and protected environment of Childhood”.

The projection dome has already visited Barakaldo and will travel to Bilbao, later to Durango and finally, it will be performed in the facilities of Bilbao Exhibition Centre.

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