Polidomes has delivered more than 600 square meters of exclusive sheltered space for the Opener’ VIP zone that included: immersive projection dome, coffee space, Thai massage zone and a chill room with the bar.

Open’er Festival is the largest and most diverse festival in Poland, being on the list of the largest festivals in Europe. Opener Festival is one of the most popular music festivals in Poland held since 2003.

More than 110 thousand people gathered this year in Gdynia, at the Open’er Festival. The atmosphere was warmed up by rock giants – The Strokes and The Smashing Pumpkins, the iconic Kylie Minogue and Lana Del Rey, the master of electronic dance music – Swedish House Mafia and the stars of the modern hip-hop Travis Scott and Stormi.

Except for the good music, every year this large festival presents the cinema area, cabaret, fashion, social initiatives, various world cuisines, and the massive VIP zone. This 2019 year the whole VIP part of the festival was completely created using the Polidomes portable geodesic dome structures. The dome-shaped tents of different sizes were combined by the tunnels into a single amazing diverse VIP complex.

Traditionally, the autumn weather was waiting for the festival audience. Considering the forecast, the VIP complex was the perfect shelter that consisted of several Polidomes party tents of different sizes. Polidome 75 turned into the cozy coffee place. One of the smallest Polidomes 30 accommodated the Thai massage zone for the VIP supreme guests

The largest Polidomes 300 – festival dome tent with 19 meters in diameter, was the chill room with bars, alcohol and other beverages. In that large music dome tent, people could get warm and continue the party. Many celebrities, like Natalia Siwiec, Afromental, Jaroslaw Bieniuk, Baron, Julia Wieniawa, Maffashion and Sekielski, were the frequent guests of this part of the festival’s VIP zone.

The cherry on the cake of the Opener Festival’s VIP dome tent complex was the large Projection Dome that was providing an unforgettable immersive experience for the visitors.

The Polidomes party dome with 154 square meters of flooring complemented with the special inside projection liner creates a truly engaging immersive experience for any audience. High-quality immersive video projections that were covering the entire membrane surface inside the dome literally thrown the public into another dimension.

More and more festival organizers are choosing Polidomes Projection Dome turn-key servicehigh-quality immersive video projections covering the entire membrane surface inside the dome. Due to its versatility depending on the video content the projection dome can turn into a music dome tent, party tent, yoga dome or perfect place for high-class product presentation.

Polidomes creates truly spectacular projection spaces for any scale offering full service which includes the essential high-end projection equipment. We use technology, design, and art to transform any general session or event into an immersive experience that guests are sure to remember.

Polidomes company develops, delivers and provides the installation services in terms of immersive 360° projection domes for any scale events! All you need is just to set the date and send the invitations to your guests!!

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