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speaks for itself

We are creators who pursue excellence and give our all
to make each project we work on outstanding.
Our solutions based on geodesic tents use the latest innovative
multimedia such as 360 immersive geodesic projections, shared vr and much more...

wavin geodesic dome tent at the fair

Stand out from the crowd with completely new kind of a booth.

A geodesic dome booth- the WAVIN fair stand inside a geodesic dome tent. We had a pleasure of creating an exhibition dome tent for the “WAVIN” company, who exhibited their products at the fair of water and sewage industry fair at the Forest Park of Culture and Leisure in Myślęcinek, near Bydgoszcz, Poland. The water and sewage fair
geodesic dome tent construction

A tent can be exclusive – if it is a geodesic tent

The cornerstone laying ceremony at the Warmia gallery. The main advantage of geodesic tents is their functionality. The timeless design and intriguing look of the domes not only appeal to the eye, but also offer incredible versatility. The ability to customize our tents to individual needs makes it possible for us to successfully hold any

Dome Tents for Sharp at EURO 2012

In Kiev and Donetsk, Ukraine, during the Euro 2012 UEFA Championship, the Sharp Company conducted a campaign called “check your  knowledge as a football fan”. Sharp is one of the leading designers and producers of LCD TVs, solar panels, and one of the main sponsors of Euro 2012. POLIDOMES provided Polidome 50 and Polidome 30 geodesic