On June 1, 2017, the UEFA Champions Festival – intended to be the overture for the
Champions League final this year – kicked off in Cardiff, Wales. A spectacular event, it was
attended by more than 15,000 football fans from all over the of the world! Festival organizers took advantage of the fact that the shape of the Polidome 30 Open Half Dome Tent is reminiscent of a
football, taking the bold step of marrying the football world with the Polidomes geodesic domes! It should be added that in this particular case, the marriage turned out to be a one of both sense and love (of selected high-quality products). 1:0 to the organizers!

From June 1 st to 4 th , the UEFA Champions Festival hosted a special fan zone, including
numerous shows, concerts and contests, all organized around the theme of football. Anyone
visiting the Welsh capital, which served as the capital of European football for several days, could take advantage of the facility.

Source: https://twitter.com/FAW_Womens

This time, Polidomes International was represented by a Brand printed open half dome tent
constructed in the form of an amphitheater, equipped with a premium floor! As required by the
customer, we covered the parquet floor with the material imitating the turf of a football pitch – and the results exceeded our wildest expectations. The Polidome 30 became a real
football temple!

What’s more – the cover of the geodetic dome used graphics specially designed for the
occasion, integrating perfectly into the atmosphere of the festival and effectively attracting the attention of visitors.

The whole structure of the sphere marquee tent is based on a frame built from
galvanized steel pipes connected with solid fastenings. The cover for this model is made of a
special nylon fabric with safety certificates such as B1 and M2.
The Polidome 30 open dome tent described above was the centerpiece of the “Together We
Play Strong” campaign, designed to encourage girls aged 13-17 to discover the delights of playing football. UEFA’s mission is to make football a leading sport among women by the year 2020. To that end, our geodesic dome hosted an educational and recreation zone where visitors could play a game of football, play football console games, or even try their skills at karaoke.

Altogether, another successful project. The sphere tent was adapted to the needs of the
customer in every detail. Thanks to the wide range of possibilities offered by Polidome, we are able to meet all requirements and make each individual idea a reality. We always meet customers’ expectations; so, it’s for you to test the limits of your own imagination!

All Polidomes’ dome tents are ideal for organizers of various sporting events, as they
offer incredible capabilities that complement any event! Regardless of weather conditions, they guarantee stability and security for the event and its participants. Inside the geodetic domes, you can arrange the referee area, competitor’s rooms, cloakrooms and saloons, even a warehouse for equipment.
Thanks to the large surface area of the cover, Polidomes’ marquee tents are the perfect place for
– simply a brilliant base for all possible ads, both hanging and attached.
Each of our geodesic domes is impressive in its own right, with its very presence raising
the specter of any event.

Event was made by company: Event Production Management ltd.

Pictures source: https://twitter.com/FAW_Womens