VIP party in the Polish desert

POLIDOMES event dome tents took part in what was a ground-breaking project in Poland – a business party in the desert. It was a huge challenge for us, but we rose to the challenge.

Difficult, muddy terrain and short deadlines called for precise preparation. Ultimately, the entire project ended up being a huge success.

Our geodesic tents offered a total of over 400 m2 of usable space, nearly 300 m2 of which was designated for invited guests. The other smaller geodomes served as facilities – a warehouse, a kitchen and a VIP area for artists.

To accomplish it all, we used a Polidome 300 geodesic tent and a Polidome 50 geodesic tent, as well as the smallest of our structural designs, a Polidome 30. The event domes were connected to each other with tunnels, and came equipped with special Pollywood flooring able to level uneven ground. The entrance to the dome tents was guarded by aluminium doors with an anti-panic system.

Despite rough, sandy terrain, the assembly of the POLIDOMES geo tents was not a problem. Heated domes served as a banquet hall, a casino and the main space. The evening was filled to the brim with attractions – performances  by dancers and Polish celebrities, the sounds of an erupting volcano, spark streams and fireworks.

The event was hosted by Mrs. Omena Mensah, featuring a special appearance by Doda. In organising this event, we collaborated with the “Exclusive Event” company which provided the appropriate setting for POLIDOMES geodesic structures.

The POLIDOMES geodesic domes allow marketers, creative department professionals and event agencies to focus on any given promotional concept by providing a fully customized, temporary space environment. Everything is designed to meet the needs of the event.

The creative possibilities are endless: from variable shape and size, to vivid membrane colours and graphic designs, all the way to seductive lighting and spherical visual projections. These are just a few examples of the customization possible with POLIDOMES Geodomes.

POLIDOMES geodesic tents are the perfect solution for the most demanding events.

We invite you to cooperate with us! We will be very happy to organize a unique and unforgettable event, just for you.

We specialize in difficult terrain inaccessible to other solutions – beaches, deserts, etc.

Photos from the event were featured in the MICE Poland magazine.

If you have any questions about our projects or tents, don’t hesitate to contact us.