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The Planetarium Dome:
Your Passport to the Stars!

The mobile planetarium in the geodesic dome is an awe-inspiring manifestation of technology meeting education, offering an immersive sky simulation.

Sales and rental

Quality Cosmos on a Budget

The geodesic dome mobile planetarium is a cost-effective solution, providing the same quality of cosmic exploration as a traditional planetarium but at a fraction of the cost


Cosmic Community Catalyst

Experience cosmic splendor, contribute to your community. Our product is more than an educational tool - it's a publicity game-changer that inspires wonder


Beyond Celestial Shows

Our dome planetarium isn't just about stars - it's a versatile entertainment hub for live-streamed concerts, creating unforgettable experiences beyond astronomy


Adjustable Astral Ambiance

Our building-installed planetarium allows adjustable dome radius and height for deeper, more intense 360 content views, offering an enhanced cosmic experience

Worldwide setup

Global Dome Guardians

With few specialists in this niche, we provide complete installation, service, and global maintenance for your planetarium, taking full responsibility post-installation

Worldwide service

Priority Dome Support

Our customers are prioritized. We respond swiftly to dome-related issues, offering remote solutions and on-site support as needed for optimal service


Portable Cosmic Marvel

Offers immersive, high-quality celestial experiences, making the wonders of the universe accessible and engaging for all ages

Our geodesic dome tent, embodying Buckminster Fuller's mid-20th century design, houses an advanced planetarium. Structurally stable, lightweight, and efficient, this set-up is ideal for mobile deployment. Made from high-quality, durable material, the dome's interior ensures optimal darkness for the projectors to emulate the night sky with remarkable visual impact, contributing to the portability and accessibility of cosmic exploration.

Inside the dome, high-resolution projectors cast stunning images of stars, galaxies, and celestial objects onto the interior, creating an immersive 360-degree view. Advanced software accurately replicates the motions of celestial bodies, allowing viewers to 'travel' through space. From constellations to far-off galaxies, the spectacle is a feast for the eyes and mind.

Catering to different age groups and interest levels, the dome offers various programs. These range from curriculum-aligned programs for school children to more complex content for adults and astronomy enthusiasts. Topics span from basic astronomy and celestial navigation to intricate concepts like astrophysics and cosmology.

This mobile planetarium serves as a gateway to the cosmos. The visuals, coupled with surround sound and often a live or recorded narration, make for an engaging experience that transcends traditional textbook learning. It's a powerful platform for science communication, inspiring wonder and fostering a greater appreciation for the universe.

As technology evolves, virtual and augmented reality tools are incorporated, offering even more interactive and immersive experiences. The mobile planetarium, housed in the geodesic dome tent, is a key instrument in democratizing access to the cosmos.

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P 700

Polidomes' Standalone Outdoor Planetarium

Compared to costly traditional planetariums, our dome offers year-round stability without needing a new high building in terms of the tent. Explore our standard tents models and versatile suspended options. See more about suspended projection dome

surface area
706 m2
15,0 m
30,0 m
7070 m3
surface plating
1414 m2
persons standing
454 p
persons seated
628 p
Immersive Fulldome P 700


to find out the exact price use the price calculator below, or contact us

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Adaptive Starlit Gateway: Multi-Functional, Sustainable, and Mobile

The versatility of our geodesic dome allows it to be more than just a planetarium. With its modular design, the space inside can be utilized for multiple purposes, be it educational or entertainment. From interactive exhibitions to live-streamed concerts, the dome is able to accommodate a wide range of activities, making it a multi-functional marvel. Furthermore, our dome's outdoor suitability makes it a standout choice for events, ensuring year-round usability regardless of weather conditions. This flexibility and adaptability open up endless opportunities for space utilization, adding another layer of value to our portable cosmic marvel.

Beyond its multi-functional capabilities, our geodesic dome planetarium is also a sustainable choice. Thanks to its user-friendly design, it can be easily assembled and disassembled. This feature makes it not only portable but also easily relocatable, facilitating its use in different locations as needed. As such, it presents a long-lasting solution, reducing the need for building new structures and thus minimizing environmental impact. Its longevity and recyclability make it a truly eco-friendly option for those seeking to explore the cosmos while respecting our own planet.


Resilient Portable Observatories

Constructed for Longevity

Defining Your Observatory

Start your planetarium journey by determining the dome's size and location. Is it nestled within an existing building or a standalone marvel? Align your design and functionality goals to create a unique, captivating observatory experience

Detailing Project Specifications

Beyond initial designs, remember to provide information on local fire retardant requirements, any setup constraints, and heavy equipment necessities. Also, indicate your project timelines. Thorough details ensure we adhere to your specifications and schedule

Initial Project Evaluation

After receiving all necessary information, we draft a preliminary PDF drawing and tackle additional questions, providing a rough estimate. Keep in mind, this estimate has a validity period of 14 days, and a more accurate calculation is possible after the detailed design phase

Tailored Audio-Visual Design

Our planetarium design includes the AV system, with options ranging from standard to high-end. To tailor the design, we need your projection system preference or the intended content. Budget constraints also guide our customization process

Customizing Sound Experience

Our standard package includes a surround sound system. However, we understand unique audio requirements may exist. Please provide any special audio needs for us to incorporate into your customized planetarium experience


Cost-Effective Sky Exploration

Starry Journeys: An Affordable Path to Cosmic Exploration

More pixels - Better quality!

Our approach caters to diverse needs, providing a cost-effective single projector system for small educational centers and schools, offering basic stargazing capabilities. Additionally, for more intimate settings, we present a fisheye single projector unit as an accessible starting point, ensuring a seamless projection with high-end multimedia and mirror systems for an immersive experience prioritizing safety, comfort, and operational ease.

scheme / outline immersive planetarium 01 ( angle + dome )
Cross-section of the dome with the entrance marked and the screen tilted.
scheme / outline immersive planetarium 02 ( mirror + projector )
Diagram showing projector set on flooring to reflect on spherical mirror. Full range of projection (darkened area).

Below in the figure we have a comparison of two projection systems (Fisheye and Spherical Mirror) using a projector with a native resolution of 1920x1080 pixels:

Optical Precision: Mirror Set Ensuring Distortion-Free Image Projection

Our mirror set utilizes advanced technology to deliver unparalleled quality, eliminating double reflections and distortions, ensuring an immersive, high-fidelity projection on the dome screen.

People around the geodesic dome - immersive planetarium
916,000 px projected
Projector with Fisheye
Spherical mirror
Spherical mirror
1,448,000 px projected
Projector using Spherical mirror

As you can see from the example, in the case of projection using a spherical mirror Spherical Mirror the image on the screen is created with 532,000 pixels more

Our dedication to education extends to small centers and educational facilities, fostering a sense of wonder and curiosity among learners of all ages. Our user-friendly and accessible solution aims to democratize cosmic exploration, making it an enriching experience for everyone. By offering simple yet effective tools, we ignite a lifelong passion for the universe and empower individuals with valuable knowledge. Our mission is to inspire and educate, ensuring that the wonders of the cosmos are within reach for all.

In addition, the mirrors are mounted in a dedicated box transportation, so as to protect them from possible damage during transport.

Dedicated box transportation for the mirrors / UHD projector protect from possible damage during transport

Parameters of the Projection system

1 448 000 pixels

Immersive Design Visualizations

Step into the future of design with our immersive technology, enabling interactive 3D or BIM model viewing and adaptation in captivating group settings.


Ultra-Clear Displays

Experience stunning visual clarity and precision with our cutting-edge Digital Light Processing technology, delivering unrivaled display quality.

Lamp-free laser

Wide Angle Lenses

Projectors with interchangeable optics offer flexible setup for various applications, enhancing projection versatility and image quality

5 400 Ansi Lumen

Laser Brilliance

Laser brightness ensures clear images even in challenging lighting conditions, delivering an impressive visual experience that captivates audiences effortlessly

100 000 : 1 Contrast Ratio

Seamless Day-Night Mapping

Our cutting-edge technology ensures sharp mapping with seamless transitions from day to night, providing a consistent and immersive visual experience without any noticeable differences

20 000 h Lamp life

Lamp Longevity

Our AV system boasts an impressive lamp life of 20,000 hours, guaranteeing trouble-free operation and long-lasting performance for your peace of mind

Audio system

Immersive Stereo Sound

Our audio system offers stereophonic sound, creating a captivating multi-directional and 3-dimensional audible perspective for a truly immersive experience

Control computer

Projection Management Control

Our advanced projection management unit allows seamless control and precise settings adjustments for an optimal and hassle-free projection experience

Engage students, mesmerize audiences, and create unforgettable cosmic journeys

Our innovative planetarium offers cutting-edge technology, including a geodesic dome tent with a mobile, cost-effective, and versatile design. Equipped with high-resolution projectors, immersive surround sound, and advanced software, it delivers captivating 360-degree views of the cosmos. The planetarium can be set up both indoors and outdoors, making it suitable for various events, educational institutions, and entertainment purposes.

Our planetarium offer is designed for:

  • Educational Institutions: Schools, universities, and science centers seeking to enhance astronomy education and engage students in an interactive learning experience
  • Event Organizers: Music festivals, conferences, and corporate events looking to add a unique and awe-inspiring attraction to their programs
  • Museums and Cultural Centers: Cultural institutions aiming to offer immersive exhibitions on astronomy, space exploration, and scientific advancements
  • Entertainment Venues: Theme parks, amusement centers, and entertainment venues seeking to offer visitors an unforgettable cosmic journey
  • Community Centers: Local community centers interested in hosting educational and entertaining astronomy programs for residents of all ages
  • Private Events: Individuals and organizations organizing private events like weddings, parties, and celebrations, looking to provide a memorable and captivating experience for their guests
  • E-Sports Events: Gaming events and tournaments incorporating astronomy-themed immersive experiences to engage and entertain participants
  • Science Communicators: Science communicators, astronomers, and educators eager to share their knowledge and passion for the universe with a broader audience
  • Astronomical Societies: Astronomy clubs and societies organizing public outreach events to raise awareness and interest in astronomy
  • Non-profit Organizations: NGOs focusing on science education and outreach, aiming to promote cosmic awareness and inspire curiosity in the natural world
Additional possibilities

Basic Equipment

Delve into the extraordinary standard features of our geodomes and unlock their full potential. Embark on an extraordinary journey of enhanced possibilities

Precision Matters

Custom-fitted covers for high-quality geodome shells. small details, big difference. Experience flawless craftsmanship.

Enduring Framework

Enhance aesthetics and longevity with durable steel structures. Hot-dip galvanized & powder coated for lasting quality.

Premium Floor

Premium, heavy-duty circular floor perfectly fitted for leveling any ground. Elevate your dome experience.

Complete Solutions

Discover a world of additional options to enhance our domes. With Polidomes, you can access comprehensive expertise, manufacturing capabilities, and top-notch service, all under one roof. Experience the convenience of having everything you need in a single, reliable partner.

Print Perfection

Personalized Branding to Stand Out and Leave a Lasting Impression. Shine Above the Crowd.

Uninterrupted Connections

Seamlessly connect your geodomes with our connecting tunnels. Enhance the flow and functionality of your event space.

Gateway Expansion

Discover extended access with additional entrance and door options. Unlock limitless possibilities for your event space.

Lights & Sound

Illuminate and harmonize. Crafting the ideal atmosphere for every Event, tailored to perfection.

Climate Control

Heating & air conditioning for every space. Maintain comfortable climates, ensuring optimal comfort for all.

Additional services

Comprehensive Support

At Polidomes, our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering. We prioritize your needs, ensuring full support and service throughout the entire project journey, from concept design to the final completion. Experience our dedication to your success.

Dependable Assistance

Count on our reliable service for all your Polidome needs. Our dedicated team is ready to promptly assist you with any issues, ensuring your peace of mind throughout your Polidome journey.

Efficient Assembly

Leave the assembly to our expert team or opt to train your own team. Rest assured, your Polidomes project is in capable hands, ensuring seamless assembly and successful outcomes.

Global Reach

We offer worldwide delivery, prioritizing secure packing and transport. No matter where you are, our commitment to safe and reliable delivery ensures your Polidomes reach you in pristine condition.

Certified Excellence

Certified Excellence. Rest easy knowing that our Polidomes are backed by certified safety and guaranteed quality. Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that our products meet rigorous standards, providing you with peace of mind and exceptional quality. We hold a TUV Rheinland certificate.