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    Polidome 110


    110 m2
    Surface Area

    220 m2
    Surface Plating

    12 m

    448 m3

    6 m

    160 persons
    90 persons
    Seated  at the tables
    130 persons
    Seated in rows
    105 persons
    Standing with buffet tables

    The Polidome 110 geo dome tent plays a big part in any important event. It keeps the participants dry in a heavy rain, and provides the relief of shade on a hot, sunny day. When you see a P110 event tent, you know that something important and prestigious is about to take place…

    The P110 is a popular choice for wedding events, trade fairs and other outdoor events with 50 or more attendees.

    If you need a party space for your event, you fist need to consider the area where the structure will be erected. For example, a half dome tent without a heavy duty floor will be cheaper and easier than the one with such a floor. It’s also important to consider the distance of the event from the rental company, as cost typically increases with distance.

    The Polidome 110 Geodome can also serve as :

    • temporary housing,
    • a disaster relief shelters,
    • a ski hut,
    • a sauna or spa,
    • a pool and Jacuzzi enclosure,
    • a backyard party space,
    • awards ceremony venue,
    • a car dealer booth
    • a banquet space,
    • a storage structure.

    All of our Geodomes have UV resistant, easy-to-clean shells. The high quality PVC has been developed for commercial use, and is resistant not only to UV radiation, but to oils, bacteria and mildew. This ensures that your Geodome will look great, show after show, year after year…

    kit includes

    Each tent kit includes:

    • Steel Structure
    • Customized PVC cover Poly Opak 850 gr/m2
    • Set of screws, washers and nuts
    • Steel alloys for assembling the structure
    • Steel entrance arch
    • Unique tensioning system
    • Ventilation holes
    • PVC door with lock
    • Installation instructions + video
    Set price up from:

    17 800 €

    Interactive 3d model
    Price calculator

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